Ashdene Paloma 3 Piece Bowl & Tray Set 31cm


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Paloma in Spanish translates to ‘bird’. Illustrator Daniella Germain was inspired by birds and the Ming Dynasty period when creating this hand painted watercolour design.
Whether you are serving up dinner with the family or celebrating an occasion, the Paloma Collection produced from high quality stoneware, will add some personality to your table.
A couple of individual pieces makes for a wonderful gift, featuring beautifully textured gloss finishes.
The Paloma collection encompasses serveware of a salad bowl, oval platter, 3 piece bowl + tray set, utensil holder, storage cannister, water pitcher, baking dishes, apron and tea towels.

The Details:
• 100ml capacity each bowl
• Stoneware
• Size 31.5cm x 13cm x 5.5cm H
• Microwave, dishwasher and oven safe
• Gift boxed
• Set sold individually

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